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Arbor Builders Scholarship

Money considerations, technological advances, environmental changes, plus much more affect potential home buyers. Consider how these issues can influence what first-time buyers want in a home.

As a student, you’re in the position to innovate and create new opportunities in the world around you.  Arbor Builders is a contemporary home-builder focused on building energy-efficient, new homes that inspire livability. You can see our design ideas here.

Study Focus

Home-Design, Efficiency, Construction

Essay Instructions

Write a 500-word essay answering the prompt: In the next decade, what types of homes do you think most first-time home buyers will live in, and why?

Evaluation Criteria

Highlight key design ideas that solve or answer the essay prompt

Innovativeness and originality

Correct spelling and grammar

Completeness of thought


Scholarship amount: $250

Duration: Annual

Deadline: September 16, 2019


Any student currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, or applying for an undergraduate degree program. Enrollment must be at an accredited US college, university, or trade school.

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Once you hit submit you will not be able to go back and change your submission. We suggest writing out your essay in a Word Document and then pasting the essay below.