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Building new energy efficient homes is among our top priorities here at Arbor Builders.

Energy efficiency – It is our goal that new homes use less energy use and save homeowners money on energy costs. Here are some tangible ways that we are decreasing our impact on the environment during the building process and how many of our new homes are built to be energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Materials & Appliances

    • FURNACE: 95% efficient with fresh air ventilation and sealed ducting.
    • We use Earth Advantage approved water heaters.

    • WINDOWS: Windows are rated for efficiency based on heat loss, or a “U-Value” and the lower the U-Value, the more effective a window is at protecting from heat exchange. Our double-paned, vinyl-framed windows are among the lowest U-Value windows on the market.
    • INSULATION: R-values of insulation indicate that level of heat exchange that will occur between the interior and exterior of a building, otherwise called thermal resistance. A higher R-Value means that the “resistance” or efficiency of the insulation is greater.
    • MARMOLEUM: Marmoleum flooring offers a long-lasting alternative to other floor coverings that is both stylish and environmentally friendly. Marmoleum is a USDA-certified bio-based product, allergy & asthma friendly-certified and has the lowest environmental footprint of any flooring!All natural ingredients:
      • linseed and or tall oil
      • limestone
      • tree rosin
      • wood flour
      • natural mineral pigments
      • jute
    • LOW-VOC AND NO-VOC PAINT: Low-VOC paint has very few volatile gases during drying. It is usually marketed as odorless paint and is particularly good for the environment.
    • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED APPLIANCES: All of our appliances are certified by ENERGY STAR. “ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency”

Energy Efficient Processes

      • SOLAR READY HOMES (plumbing and electric)
        “Solar Ready” homes mean that conduits for solar electric and solar plumbing are built into most of our homes so that all a homeowner needs to do is install the solar equipment.

Homeowner incentives for solar panels:
There are several rebate programs and cash incentives available for homeowners to install solar panels, and Energy Trust of Oregon is a great resource to discovering the solar potential of your home: Energy Trust

      All of our jobsites are maintained by someone on our staff who manages the discard of materials and sorts out any potential recyclable material. Building energy efficient homes goes beyond the materials we put into them – managing the waste and recycling of each new home during the building process has an incredible impact on the environment.
      We work closely with Earth Advantage to set a high standard for our energy efficient homes. Earth Advantage is a third-party program that tests homes based on certain categories: energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and water conservation.
      Building on existing lots within the city that already have close access to amenities provides an important energy conservation factor: less commute = less gas used.

NRGstar blackEnergy Trust Our Energy Partners

  1. Energy Trust of Oregon
  2. Earth Advantage
  3. Energy Star