Energy Rating for 1632 NW Kingwood Ave, Redmond, OR

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February 8, 2019
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View details on the energy rating for our new home at 1632 NW Kingwood Ave in Redmond, OR:

1632 NW Kingwood, Redmond, OR

Energy Score:
Estimated energy cost savings/year:

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Energy-efficient features that contribute to this home’s score:

  • Insulated Ceiling: R-49
  • Efficient Windows: U-0.28
  • Space Heating: 95.0 AFUE Furnace
  • Insulated Walls: R-23
  • Efficient Lighting: 100.0 %
  • Envelope Tightness: 4.0 ACH @ 50 Pascals
  • Insulated Floors: R-38
  • Water Heater: 2.7 EF

“EPS™ is an energy performance score that measures and rates the net energy consumptions and carbon footprint of a newly constructed home. The lower the score, the better — a low EPS identifies a home as energy efficient with a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy cost. A home’s EPS is based on the energy-efficient features as well as the home’s size and specific design. Improvements and updates made to the home after the issue date will impact its EPS. EPS does not factor in occupant behavior, and as a result,actual energy costs may vary.”

Brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon. Energy Trust developed EPS to educate about energy efficiency and provide a tool to help inform home-buying decisions.

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