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“Build Wealth By Going Green” Book Review

In his book, “Build Wealth By Going Green”, Steve Stillwater presents a substantial and tangible way to live greener. His perspective on a return on investment strategy is encouraging to anyone that may be initially intimidated by what may seem like an expensive lifestyle. Through using less energy to power a home, growing some of your own food to decrease grocery costs and other simple steps that Stillwater presents, homeowners and renters alike are able to save more than just “chump change” and actually create wealth!

Stillwater starts out with tip #1 – light bulbs. How many people can say they know exactly what they want when they walk into a store with 300 different packages of bulbs lining the wall? As we sell our homes to new owners, we’ve found that very few really understand what different types of light bulbs provide, especially as the market for lighting continually expands. Stillwater explains in a very easy to understand manner, how much using CFLs can save electricity, which becomes increasingly relevant as electricity rates continue to rise! There is an excellent FAQ section in this book on CLFs as well!

Other tips include saving water by changing showerheads, paying attention to and fixing leaks, holding off on flushing the toilet. Stillwater states that by taking the time to more responsibly manage water use, a family can save around $700 each year. That’s $700 you could put toward something else, like investing in solar panels (see our blog on how possible it is to gain access to solar power)!

Cars are a big (and often necessary) part of many people’s lives and “Build Wealth By Going Green” has an excellent list of regular maintenance that should typically be done on a vehicle. Beyond the easy to follow list, the book gives the WHY behind doing these routine repairs & upkeep and just how much money someone can save by following these guidelines. Owning a car can seem like a giant money pit at times, but keeping your machines working well can keep your bank account working well also!

Overall, Stillwater’s book is an entertaining and detailed yet easy to understand guide to living greener without needing to invest a bunch of money up front. Regardless of lifestyle there are small steps, like signing up for online bill pay instead of receiving paper statements, that will help us be better stewards to our beautiful (and only!) planet.

By: Arbor

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