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We are the builder of choice

Our mission is to serve the needs of our buyers, subs, employees and community by:

  • Designing and constructing extraordinary homes for the future,
  • operating efficiently and effectively as an inspired team, and
  • generating integrity as a source of ease, opportunity & strength!

With a commitment to excellence, a local perspective and innovative plans, we at Arbor Builders are building new homes in Central Oregon with fresh designs that complement our timeless community.


Arbor Builders Team

We don’t build homes, we build relationships.

We believe integrity is at the foundation of our new homes as well as our relationships. Everyone involved in the building process including our employees, partners, subcontractors, vendors, brokers and customers are our focus just as much as the home itself.

Community involvement: We have partnered with our vendors to donate to Family Access Network (FAN) of Central Oregon. “FAN’s goal is to clear road blocks so that children are able to attend school ready to learn.”


Our homes are more than a place to live – they’re a place to THRIVE.

Central Oregon is a unique and active region rich with culture and a variety of lifestyles and we build our new homes with that in mind. Arbor Builders was born out of an ambition to create quality-crafted homes that cater to homeowners’ ways of life.

Mid-Century Modern architecture(2)Unique Features in many of our homes:

Energy Efficiency

Building energy efficient new homes is a necessity

Raised Garden Bed
Sustaining and preserving the environment is a priority for us as we build new homes in Central Oregon, We’re committed that our homes provide energy efficiency at many levels an here are some of the features that may be included in our new homes:

  • 95% AFUE Furnace
  • Airtap Heat Pump
  • Energy Star certified appliances
  • Marmoleum flooring
  • Low VOC paint

Read more about our energy efficient homes and building processes