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Contemporary homes can include a multitude of different styles. What they all have in common is advanced technology and modern building materials. Contemporary homes look like the future - or rather, what people envision the future to look like. Defined by their geometric shapes and form, flat roofs are the norm, open plans, and minimalism all lend to its signature look.


Cottage style homes are typically one story, with simple doors, and unassuming looks. It's easy to add curb appeal with this style - some shrubbery and flowers will complete the look.


Craftsman style homes began gaining popularity in the 1930s and updates and restorations have kept this style relevant throughout the years. Classic Americana, it's hard to resist the sloped rooftops, front porches, and special details like double hanging windows. Interior details feature nooks, window seats, and natural materials. As with other popular styles, Frank Lloyd Wright was a major proponent of American Craftsman aesthetics. Small updates continue to keep Craftsman…


Joseph Eichler was an American real estate developer who developed distinctive mid-century modern style housing, specifically in the Bay Area and Los Angeles in the 50s and mid 60s. These homes tend to be known as "California Modern" and features include glass walls and windows, post-and-beam construction, natural lighting, and open floor plans.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern homes, designed by architects like Joseph Eichler, Quincy Jones and Frank Lloyd Wright were designed to be modern homes built for the general public. The homes are typically one-story and have low roofs. Eichler homes are known for their indoor-outdoor living spaces, natural light, and exposed post-and-beam construction. Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes have a flat roof line with extended eaves, high ceilings with lots of windows to…


Inspired by the American Midwest and different from the traditional homes that had been the forefront of architecture, Prairie style homes were meant to mimic the vast Midwestern landscape. Low, flat roofs, strong horizontal lines, open floor plans, and an eye-catching chimney are all characteristics that you'll tend to see in Prairie designs.


Usonian homes were originally designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930’s and were incorporated into the Mid-Century Modern architectural movement. They are designed to be environmentally friendly and incorporate naturally occurring landscape. They are typically single level and have low roofs. Usonian homes feature open living areas with indoor-outdoor living spaces and include natural interior elements. "The Usonian home should allow for an abundance of natural light…