Why Should I buy New?

As people discover more about living healthy and creating healthy environments, new home standards and styles closely follow suit in catering to those lifestyles and focusing environmental conservation. Because of this, owning a new home has several advantages over buying an existing home:


New homes have higher energy standards than even just a few years ago. This cuts back on the home’s energy consumption and saves the homeowner energy costs as more advanced construction techniques and energy saving appliances are created.

New homes have a fresh, congruent style with the latest trends in fixtures, floor coverings and other interior design selections.

New homes can be easier to finance than a used home. Certain issues in used homes, such as a faulty foundation, will deter many lenders from being willing to finance a home. New homes have significantly less room for defects which can be more attractive to lenders.

Building code is constantly developing and a newer home will have more quality construction than homes built in years prior.

Buying a new home comes with security. New homes offer a warranty program that covers your home from defects outlined in that warranty.
There are also fewer repairs to worry about in new homes. With new, quality construction, the amount of repairs you’ll have to do is significantly less than owning an older home. Maintenance is also much easier, especially if you start from day one taking care of your home. Read our blog about home care and download a maintenance calendar.

Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes in new homes. A new home can offer comfort in air quality with advanced air filtration systems you won’t find in older homes.