Bend, Oregon

The bustling hub of Central Oregon’s economy and culture, Bend has now been dubbed the third fastest growing city in the US. If you like to be in the center of everything, and if you like quick access to amenities, the outdoors, and the best shops and restaurants—you’ll want to build in Bend.

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Where Should I Build In Bend?

Most of Bend, Oregon is divided by east and west, with highway 97 being the middle marker between the two. The enviable west side of town has more shops, restaurants, and other more leisurely amenities, especially in the northwest and downtown area. There are quite a few access points to trails as well.  The west side of town is also where people access the road leading to Mt. Bachelor.  

Midtown is slightly further east. It close to downtown, boasts better prices, and is closer to more essential businesses such as grocery and retail stores. 

The east side of Bend is the largest and most affordable area in Bend. People who live on the east side appreciate having access to big box stores and the parks, which sit on nearly every corner,

Previously Built Communities: Clearstone, Silver Lake, Lakeside Place, & portland Avenue