Ideas to Make Your Custom-Built Dream Home Uniquely Yours

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August 29, 2023
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Ideas to Make Your Custom-Built Dream Home Uniquely Yours

A custom built-home ensures you have a home perfect for you. You enjoy the most freedom to design the home the way you like and incorporate everything you always wanted in a home. 

You may also have design ideas that exceed your budget. Bowling alleys and indoor swimming pools aren’t cheap. Still, you don’t have to sacrifice those creature comforts. You can achieve many of them at a price point that makes you feel right at home. A design-build company can help you design your home to fit your budget and reprioritize areas of the house to make financial room for your creature comforts.

Here are ideas to make your home personal to you. Your design-build company can help you bring them to life. 

The Difference Between Customized and Personalized

There are two categories of design treatments: customized and personalized designs. Both allow you to create a unique and distinct living space. 

Customized homes refer to custom floor plans and architecture. From choosing the architectural style to selecting luxurious features such as a wine cellar or heated floors, every aspect of the home can be tailored to your vision.

Personalized homes are similar to customized homes but focus more on surface materials. Just like clothing, you can select materials in a range of colors and finishes, and how you combine them is up to you. Examples include tile and woodwork,  light fixtures, and specialized kitchen layouts. 

Whether you choose a customized or personalized approach, working closely with a skilled custom home builder and design team will bring your dream home to life, providing a comfortable and meaningful space that is uniquely yours.

Ideas to Make Your Custom-Built Dream Home Uniquely Yours

Here are some tips for creating that perfect custom home. 

Location, Location, Location

One way to maintain your uniqueness is to choose a plot of land that suits you best. A design-build company can help you understand the costs and considerations for an ideal piece of property, and it may not negatively affect your budget. For example, a home far out of town may not have plumbing, but the land may be far less expensive than a lot in town.

Create a Sanctuary with a Home Office 

One of the most personal rooms in a home is a home office. Here you can work, read, indulge in hobbies, watch a game or two, or just enjoy quiet time alone. By designing the room the way you like it, you make each experience even more meaningful.

This room is easier to customize to your style than other rooms in the home shared by others, such as the living room, dining room, and primary bedroom. Also, offices and other rooms in this list are a good investment because they can be counted as additional bedrooms, increasing your selling price when the time comes.

Enrich the Home Experience With a Home Library

This is similar to a home office but shared by all. You can show your love for knowledge and education, show off your favorite books and interests, and create an environment that brings family and friends together. You will be surprised how often people will congregate there. 

Let the Games Begin With a Game Room / Bowling Alley

A game room or bowling alley is a fantastic addition to any custom-built dream home. They offer a unique and entertaining space everyone can enjoy. Since these spaces are means for fun, you can  let your personal style shine. Custom home builders with design teams can help you make the perfect design decisions to bring your vision to life.

If you have the budget, consider incorporating luxurious features like custom coolers for drinks, custom lighting to set the mood, and custom shelving to display trophies or memorabilia. You can also include comfortable seating areas for spectators and add a custom-built bar for refreshments. If budgets are tight, opt for lower-priced options of each or select fewer items at a higher quality. 

If you only use a home office periodically, you can incorporate it into the same room – two birds with one stone!

Stream In the Fun With a Home Theater / Media Room

One of the most popular additions to custom-built dream homes is a home theater/media room. Like a game room, this room is meant for fun. Here you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports in ultimate comfort. 

Create a dedicated media room or design a family room that can transform into a movie theatre when the time is right. Some items to keep in mind are ample, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and a layout that maximizes the viewing experience.

Raise a Glass in Your Very Own Spirits/Wine Room

A wine room can be a small storage room of wine racks or a large space with a bar and seating options. Pick the option that fits your budget. 

Many wine rooms feature glass doors or windows to help show off your space and collection. You can also use refrigerators or leave the room open if the temperature is right (i.e., a butler’s pantry).

A wine room brings a feeling of sophistication and elegance while also being a functional space for entertaining and relaxing. It’s a bit like a second dining room but in a more entertaining atmosphere. You can get creative with how you store and display your bottles to make the space more unique to you.

Stay Secure and Entertained With a Safe Room/Secret Room

A safe room is a discreet and fortified room where you and your loved ones can seek refuge during emergencies and disasters. It can double as a wine room, library, or game room. Since it is more private, it is also a terrific design opportunity. Get as creative as you like. 

Create the Ultimate Gathering Place with a Large Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry

The kitchen is the most used room in a home, so it makes sense to make it as engaging as possible. If you are a foodie or have one in the home, you can take the kitchen experience to a whole new level.

One example is a huge kitchen with one or two islands and a butler’s pantry. Though pricing increases the larger your kitchen becomes, you can prioritize it over other considerations such as the dining, living, and bedroom sizes.

Wake Up to a Well-Designed Primary Bedroom and Bath

This is another sanctuary room of the home – especially if you have kids. Do it up right with ample closet space, a comfortable dressing area, and a bathroom with a shower, tub, vanity, and dual sinks. You can save on other aspects of the home design to compensate. 

Dive Into Owning a Swimming Pool / Luxury Spa

Make your outdoor living space even more appealing with a pool and jacuzzi. The blend of both provides year-round enjoyment, especially now as the world heats up. Make it more custom to you with a uniquely-shaped pool and tiling, or consider incorporating features like a water slide and waterfalls. Add a luxurious built-in spa to make your home feel like an oasis.

Make The World Your Living Room With Outdoor Living Space

There are many benefits to an outdoor living space. Here are some biggies: 

  • You aren’t confined by the size of the home
  • You can add significant square footage at a lower expense than traditional construction
  • A shared outdoor space improves the everyday living experience for every member of the family
  • Today’s furniture options can make the outdoor environment as comfortable as your indoor living room or family room
  • You enjoy more views than through a window

From a large covered patio /cabana to attractive landscaping and fireplace, heater, and barbecue area, you can make this space a place you and your family will enjoy all year round.

Get Physical With a Fitness Room / Sports Court

A fitness room is a great way to stay healthy, and doing it at home can save you time from running back and forth to the gym. It’s also a great way for kids to burn off energy.

Whether you prefer a few workout items, a fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art equipment, or a sports court for basketball or tennis, the design opportunities are endless. Add special colors, artwork, and features like a TV and a juicing station to keep you going.

Pool House

A pool house joins other luxury treatments of your custom home into one convenient package. Use it as: 

  • A game room
  • An office
  • A bar
  • A guest room
  • An outdoor living space

With so many benefits in one, these accessory dwelling units (ADUs) (- Client, a link to the previous ADU article may work well here) solve multiple needs for you and future homeowners. 

Arbor Builders is Ready to Help 

With the right home additions and aesthetic touches, you can turn your home into something that truly reflects who you are and how you live. Arbor Builders can help you make your dream home a reality at a budget that works for you. We love thinking outside the box. Use our knowledge to fulfill those lifelong goals in beautiful and affordable ways.

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