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April 6, 2022
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Arbor Builders
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When evaluating a new home, what is on the inside is just as important as what is on the outside. A floor plan is an essential tool for understanding what your life will be like indoors. You gain a clear understanding of the size and layout of each room and how each room relates to each other, helping you picture how you and your family will live and interact. 

The better the floor plan is, the easier the home will be live in and use. But what traits should you look for ensure you have a quality floorplan that is also right for you? 

Here are some top features to look for in a floor plan. After reading through the article, be sure to tour our models and portfolios here at Arbor Builders. We have a wide range of home designs to choose from, and one of them may be perfect for you. 

A Good Plan is Highly Functional

The best floor plans maximize time efficiency by putting things you need daily within easy reach. They also have a logical flow from room to room and are easy to navigate. 

A typical example of intelligent functionality is quick access from the garage to the kitchen. Close access makes it easier to carry groceries from the car to the kitchen. Other examples include a conveniently located laundry area and easily accessible bathrooms. 

Even the design of the foyer/mudroom can make a big difference. Does the entry have a place to store boots, jackets, and umbrellas? Whatever you typically use or wear, look for ways they can be stored easily in the home. 

Another strong example of highly functional design is an open floor plan. This popular plan type limits separations between the living room, dining room, and kitchen so that you and others can freely interact between spaces while cooking, eating, and relaxing. 

The Floor Plan Should Fit Your Needs

A home is where we relax and do the things we love most. A good floorplan supports it. 

If you have a large family or love to socialize, look for plans that offer plenty of room and different ways to interact. If you love the outdoors, look for homes with patios and easy access to yards. If you or your family enjoy hobbies that require extra space, the floorplan should accommodate them. 

When considering your needs, think of needs that may come later so that your home is an enduring solution. For example, if you prefer to avoid stairs as you get older, look for a primary bedroom on the main floor. 

All of your needs should come into play. The right floorplan supports your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

The Home Should Be the Right Size 

The right floorplan has the correct number of rooms for your needs, but it also won’t leave you feeling cramped or swimming in too much space. 

Typically shoppers think that bigger is better, but this isn’t always the case. Intelligent flow and space configurations are equally important. If a large house isn’t well designed, you can have empty voids of awkward space no one wants to use, wasting space and money. Alternatively, a well-designed room can feel larger than it actually is.  

A great way to know what room and storage sizing is best for you is to look at your current home. How does each room feel? Do you need more seating in a living room or dining room? Do you or your children need more space for certain activities? Are your closets large enough? Consider all your family’s needs and actions to ensure the best fit.   

A Quality Floor Plan Offers Natural Light and Ventilation

A well-designed home has window placements that add plenty of natural light and ventilation. These traits add to the overall comfort and beauty of the home while improving energy efficiency for lower electric bills. 

Additionally, how the sun interacts with the home during different times of the year directly affects energy costs. For example, having an Oregon home facing south allows for direct sun for added warmth in the winter months and increased shade in the summer months. Not all homes plots have this benefit, but a quality floorplan still uses light and wind to your advantage. 

The Home Should Have a Well-Designed Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. It is where people cook, eat, socialize, and reconnect with family. A quality-sized kitchen makes each activity easier. It has traits like large counter spaces for cooking or eating and intelligent storage that keeps food and cooking tools well organized and in easy reach. They also feed quickly into dining rooms, living rooms, or both.

The Plan Allows for Easy Furniture Placement

An effective floor plan has furniture considerations in mind, but not all are considered equal. Consider how the furniture will lay out in each room, particularly if you have a favorite type of furniture, such as a large sectional. Stray away from plans that appear awkward and challenging to create comfortable, welcoming areas to relax and socialize. 

In some cases, an unconventional floor plan can create new opportunities, but if you have specific social needs, furniture designs you love, or perhaps a treasured family heirloom, look for a floorplan that can accommodate it. 

The Home Offers Workspaces 

Working from home has grown in popularity – especially over the last few years. But whether you work from home or need designated spots at home where you can pay bills and kids and do their homework, every family member of the family should have enough room to work, read, or study.

Choose a Floor Plan That Can Grow With You

The traits you need today may not be the same years down the road. If you expect more family members or may want to expand the size of a home later, look for floorplans that help you accomplish what you want with minimum effort and cost. 

Now You’re Ready to Shop

At Arbor Builders, we keep all of the above considerations in mind when developing floor plans so you buy a home that is easy to live in and you enjoy to its fullest. In addition, we offer plans in varying sizes and configurations to fulfill a broad range of tastes.  

We also know buyers don’t have the same needs. To help with this, we offer fully customizable custom floorplans and semi-custom floor plans for a reduced cost. 

Click here to browse our full selection of plans. You may find one that fits your exact needs or works as a great starting point for a custom-designed home.

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