Living Room Design Trends: 12 Updates For 2023

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April 29, 2023
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If you ever want to improve the design of your home, one room to prioritize is your living room. It’s where family and friends relax and enjoy valuable bonding time. Improving its look and functionality helps make this time more enjoyable for all. A living room is also typically the first room where greetings and interactions occur, setting the scene for your home’s design.

These reasons are why realtors focus on decorating the living room before a sale. After all, it’s your calling card. The better it looks and the more inviting it feels, the more your guests and potential buyers will remember their experience and want to return.

This article looks closer at 2023 design trends that will keep this primary room of your home feeling fresh and looking its best.

Living Room Design Trend #1: Curvy Designs

Furniture with rounded edges has been a trend over the last few years, and that is expected to continue for years to come. Soft edges are on everything from sofas, swivel chairs, coffee tables, and side tables to built-in cabinetry and entryway arches. The designs are easier on the eyes, add a beguiling beauty to furniture, and make rooms more functional by making spaces easier to walk around.

Living Room Design Trend #2: Warm Tones and Calm Neutrals

Colors are moving away from white and gray to warmer tones. More focus is being placed on soft tones like calm blues and pinks or an alternative palette of organic earth tones, such as mushroom tones, rusts, and brown ochre.

Living Room Design Trend #3: Surprising Color Pairings

While some colors are calm and neutral, other palettes are focused on joining bold tones in vibrant, almost contrasting ways. Examples include bold pinks next to oranges and reds, such as Viva Magenta, Pantone’s color of the year.

The boldness also comes from black in wallpaper and paint. The color works like “the little black dress” by creating an attractive backdrop to anything near it while adding visual comfort and intrigue.

Living Room Design Trend #4: More Patterns and Textures

This trend is only getting started. Patterns and textures are popping up on drapery, wallpaper, furniture, rugs, pillows, and tile. Even walls and fireplaces are getting added texturing with plaster.

Living Room Design Trend #5: Natural Inspirations

This year is revealing an increased focus on natural furniture materials. From natural fibers on furniture, drapery, and rugs to added emphasis on natural-toned wood finishes and rattan, earthiness is coming indoors and in a range of textures to increase visual appeal.

Living Room Design Trend #6: Mixed Materials

Furniture inspirations are in different forms this year, including mixed materials. The blending of metal, marble, and glass creates a jeweled look in rooms.

Living Room Design Trend #7: Creative Layouts

We’re moving away from conventional design layouts, like sofas facing each other, matching side tables, and two matching chairs on either side of a sofa. Now it’s about mixing things up in layout and styles. The more unique the placements, the more interest the room will draw.

Living Room Design Trend #8: Maximalist Modern Designs

We’re seeing more items in the room, which is a departure from previous years’ calm, natural aesthetic trends. Now, the more, the merrier. The increase in items brings intrigue while enabling owners to showcase more of their interests.

Simultaneously, the items lean on the more modern end of things — this isn’t your grandma’s living room!

Living Room Design Trend #9: More and More Marble

Marble is back in a big way. The material graces coffee tables, dining tables, and entire wall panels. Marble and other stones are easy to maintain and create an elegant look for living rooms. They also bring enduring beauty, so much so that using the material will increase your home’s value in the marketplace. This year, you can’t use too much.

Living Room Design Trend #10: Multi-functional Rooms

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that many homeowners spent more time at home. This created a need for homes to feel more livable for families day in and day out. Now, living rooms are including more elements to make them more useful. Examples include desks in corners, game tables, reading nooks, wet bars, and even accessories like telescopes. The furniture is also getting bigger for even more comfort. Living rooms are becoming less ornamental than in the past and more like tools to create a more comfortable, practical, and enjoyable home life.

Living Room Design Trend #11: More Wallpaper

Whether the preference is a natural aesthetic or a busier, maximalist style, wallpaper is back. Owners can select from a wide range of choices that work as gorgeous backdrops to today’s styles.

Living Room Design Trend #12: More Lighting

Lighting is an art form, and many interior designers focus exclusively on lighting design. The right light sets the mood and accentuates details that maximize the beauty of materials, making living rooms an experience to behold.

The current trend of making living rooms more useful also creates a need for more lighting that supports it. This means more lighting sources in different room areas instead of one giant spotlight in the center.

2023 Design Is Brains and Beauty

This year is an opportunity for owners to improve their homes in ways that they love most. From dark color tones and blacks to neutrals and vibrant pinks and reds, there is a palette for everyone and more textures. Owners can change their living rooms from ornamental spaces in which people are afraid to interact to rooms that the whole family can use. After all, these rooms are made for living.

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